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Are you a Subject Matter Expert (SME)? Add your profile to our targeted database and offer your expertise to NHEF Sponsored Institutions of Higher Learning in Nigeria.

Sponsored Institutions will be able to search for SME's that meet their specific needs. Institutions will also post projects which will be used to match registered SME's with the sponsored Institutions. These postings indicate what areas they need assistance with. You have the skills and the training.

About NHEF

After many years of supporting universities in Nigeria, the John D. & Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation challenged a group of United States based Nigerian professionals to assist in enhancing the capacity of higher education institutions in Nigeria. read more

Please read our President's Message to understand what drives us. Or click the following links to learn about; Our Universities, Programs and Initiatives, Board of Trustees and Advisory Council

Skills Inventory Management

NHEF SIMS is an information repository which facilitates the matching up of Subject Matter Experts (SME's) in various disciplines and resident worldwide, with institutions of higher learning that need the expertise to enhance the learning experience of their customer base (students and faculty). A Win-Win Proposition The read more

Leadership and Strategy Development

NHEF Leadership and Strategy Development Program provides Chief Development Officers of our Partner Universities onsite opportunities for training at US-based Institutions in the following areas: Establishing an Alumni Development Office. Enhancing the Fundraising and Alumni Enrichment capacities of their University. Providing read more

Partner University Capacity Building and Capital Development

The NHEF encourages a culture of philanthropy among the US-based Alumni community for our partner universities to encourage fundraising in support of: Curriculum Development Capital Development Projects Research Projects US Partnership Programs Implementation New York Academy of Science/Science Alliance Program Earth read more

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