Engr. Udoji and Symposium Attendees

The NHEF offers a broad range of programs geared at providing support to Faculty at out partner universities and addressing their specific needs. We aim to identify and facilitate linkages between Faculty at targeted institutions in Nigeria and major universities and organizations across the globe. We also assist members of Partner University Faculty with researching and exploring fellowship programs and submitting proposals for these opportunities.




The Skills Inventory Management System (SIMS) database

In September 2008, NHEF launched the NHEF-SIMS database. NHEF-SIMS is an online digital information repository that enhances the capacity for higher education institutions in Nigeria by promoting academic linkages between experts in the Diaspora and participating universities. SIMS houses a centralized pool of Nigerians and others in the diaspora with expertise in various academic disciplines and specialties. It provides specific information about these Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), which our partner universities can readily access and locate appropriate candidates for their faculty needs. The database ensures our partner universities have access to a centralized, vetted pool of quality subject matter experts to enhance the learning and training experiences of both students and faculty in Nigeria.

Advanced Research Training (ART) for African Universities

ART is a program developed in partnership with the Global Institute for the Advancement of Research in Africa (GIARA), which involves the engagement of African academics and practitioners in various fields with their counterparts in Nigeria, thus encouraging faculty to share experiences and build capacity for national, regional and global development. The program involves intense training of university faculty in order to ensure their participation in functional research projects through production of competitive grant applications, participation in national, regional and global conferences and workshops, publication of research papers of global standards. The main objectives of ART include:

• Expand the knowledge base of African academics by providing relevant resources and training tools for their development
• Contribute to the career advancement of African academics by making them competitive for national, regional and global markets
• Create a network of African scholars within and outside the Continent who can mentor and support one another

The program will bring together experts from institutions in the United States and Africa to partner institutions in order to conduct training sessions and workshops, organize webinars as well as serve as mentors to our ART Fellows. ART Fellows are chosen based on a selective application process designed to highlight the talent and passion of budding academics at the early to mid-stages of their career.

Partnership and Collaboration Programs

These programs involve organizing events that focus developing networks and establishing partnerships. Some of the key U.S.- based strategic partners we have partnered with include:
• Earth University Institute at Columbia University
• New York Academy of Sciences
• Scientists without Borders