2023 NHEF Scholar, Orire Agbaje, Appointed as Member of the Nigerian Presidential Committee on Fiscal Policy & Tax Reforms

The Nigeria Higher Education Foundation (NHEF) is pleased to announce that one of its
outstanding scholar, Orire Agbaje, has been appointed as a member of the prestigious
Nigerian Presidential Committee on Fiscal Policy & Tax Reforms. This appointment
recognizes Orire’s exceptional talent and expertise in fiscal policy, taxation, and economic reforms.

The Nigerian Presidential Committee on Fiscal Policy & Tax Reforms is responsible for
advising and providing strategic guidance on fiscal and tax-related policies that aim to
stimulate economic growth, enhance revenue generation, and promote fair taxation practices in Nigeria. The committee comprises top-notch professionals from various sectors, ensuring a balanced and comprehensive approach towards achieving the government’s fiscal objectives.

Orire Agbaje is a shining example of the three pillars that the NHEF stands for excellence, leadership, and service. As an NHEF Scholar, Orire has consistently exhibited exceptional academic excellence, emerging as the president of the Tax Club of the University of Ibadan. Her expertise spans macroeconomic policy analysis, fiscal planning, tax administration, and
economic development.

Orire’s appointment to the Presidential Committee on Fiscal Policy & Tax Reforms signifies the government’s recognition of youth involvement in policymaking. It also recognizes her remarkable contributions to fiscal discussions and her potential to contribute significantly to transforming Nigeria’s economic landscape. Her inclusion further demonstrates the
NHEF’s commitment to nurturing leaders who positively impact society in key areas of governance and policy-making.

Mr. Wale Adeosun, Chairman of the NHEF, commended Orire’s achievement: “We are immensely proud of Orire and her appointment to this crucial committee. She has always been a standout scholar, consistently displaying exemplary leadership qualities and a genuine dedication to improving Nigeria’s economic landscape. Orire epitomises the calibre of leaders the NHEF seeks to mould and support. We are confident that she will make significant contributions to the fiscal policy and tax reforms that will ultimately impact the lives of millions of Nigerians.”

The NHEF extends its warmest congratulations to Orire Agbaje and wishes her great success in her tenure with the Nigerian Presidential Committee on Fiscal Policy & Tax Reforms. Her appointment serves as an inspiration to other NHEF Scholars and affirms the NHEF’s commitment to nurturing exceptional talent and contributing to national development through education.


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