Administrative Programs

At the core of our mission is to assist key universities in Nigeria on their path to building capacity and becoming self-sustaining by raising awareness and support for them. Since 2004, NHEF has assisted with the creation or improvement of Development Offices for all Partner Universities.

We have also organized and facilitated development and fundraising training programs in the US for the Chief Development Officers, and assisted with fundraising for our Partner Universities in

Also known as the Advancement and Development Program, we focus on enhancing the fundraising capacity of partner universities as well as establishing Alumni Development Offices, and enhancing Public Relations capacities and Community Relation activities. We have assisted our Partner Universities in Nigeria with identifying and applying for funding grant opportunities with the USAID, World Bank, US Foundations and raising funds through alumni associations in the US. The NHEF also encourages a culture of philanthropy among the US-based Alumni community for our partner universities to encourage fundraising in support of:

– Curriculum Development
– Capital Development Projects
– Research Projects
– US Partnership Programs Implementation

We continue to develop and articulate the case for support for universities in Nigeria by serving as an advocate and creating a culture of philanthropy amongst the Alumni in Diaspora. We also ensure productive use of these generated resources through appropriate oversight, stewardship mechanisms and accountability requirements.