Scholars Program

NHEF Scholars Program

Our Scholars are talented undergraduates in their penultimate year of study. They are well-rounded individuals who have demonstrated excellence in their academics, extracurricular activities and professional pursuits. Our Scholars are expected to possess a genuine dedication towards community service, philanthropy and making lasting impact in soceity. The Scholars program will enable them to gain a thorough understanding of the roles and responsibilities attached to theit industry of choice.

NHEF Scholars represent a select cohort of students from each of our Partner Universities. They have demonstrated strong academic excellence and well-roundedness in both professional and extracurricular pursuits. We expect our Scholars to be fully devoted to Community Service, Philanthropy as well as making a lasting impact in society. Through this program, they will become successful future employees with an understanding of the roles and responsibilities attached to their industry of choice. As of 2018, we achieved the milestone of a cohort of nearly 100 Scholars and hope to continue to develop even more promising Nigerian students.

About the Program

Launched in 2015, the NHEF Scholars Program is an initiative of the NHEF’s Career Development Program that addresses the skills gap between classroom learning and professional career development.

We equip students with the necessary skills needed to excel in the workforce by providing talented Nigerian students with a broad range of programs from critical on-the- job training to hands-on learning skills required in the employment process and in overall career development. Our Program covers a broad range of key industries we believe are critical to Nigeria’s economic development and we provide our Scholars the opportunity to gain exposure to the corporate sector through leading companies in: Consulting, Engineering, Financial Services, Law, Technology and Human Services.