NHEF hosts Young Professionals Networking Mixer

The Nigeria Higher Education Foundation hosted a young professionals networking mixer on May 20, 2015 at Kuramo Capital Management, LLC’s New York office. The event brought together many of the city’s African young professionals to engage in discussion over the role of higher education in driving economic growth with a keynote address from Walé Adeosun, Chairman of the Nigeria Higher Education Foundation.


Mr. Adeosun spoke about the tremendous growth that lies ahead for Nigeria and the importance of higher education in improving the Nigerian economy and creating lasting democratic institutions. Evidenced by the voter turnout at the recently concluded national elections, Mr. Adeosun highlighted the tremendous population growth taking place in Nigeria and the potential it represents if this expanding workforce is harnessed effectively.


Mr. Adeosun also highlighted the need to enhance the capacity of higher education institutions in Nigeria by providing Nigerian students with scholarships to attend best-in-class higher educational institutions, as well as providing cross-border trainings to faculty and staff. Through this endeavors, the NHEF will continue to prepare the next generations of future leaders. The second edition of the Young Professionals Networking event will take place in the Spring of 2016.


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