NHEF Scholars Poem Spotlight – Shuaib Abdulbasit


One may wonder, what is it about this man

I knew him just some few days ago

He is still the him with less pride and ego

He came to our lives as a big surprise

He gave his all without asking a price

Not once, not twice, not thrice

He tries to be tough and asked us not to give up

Hmmm, all my love doesn’t seem to be enough

He’s got a great personality

He told us not to give up in this world saturated with uncertainties

Indeed, I have no doubt for his pure veracity


I came to a new world brimming with curiosity and anxiousness

I needed help, so I ventured into a course of enquiry with unrelenting tenaciousness

I was told about a man, the lord of advocacy

I had always thought that meeting a man of such caliber will require cumbersome intricacies

On the contrary, he is a compassionate man; so considerate and so affectionate


It all started like an idea with a life span

An idea carefully conceived by Farida Usman

Holistically approved by Wale Adeosun, the man

And diligently coordinated by Marie and Juwon. Just like that


May you live long, longer than you have imagined

For if it was within our reach, we could have affixed an endless margin

It never can suffice to praise your benevolent striving

All we can say; May the good Lord crown your efforts with countless success and endless blessings

Shuaib Abdulbasit

On behalf of NHEF Scholars (Class of 2019)


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