NHEF Scholars Poem Spotlight – Verse Hough


Bread is brought for the starving children,
They need some more flesh and cover for their bones.
Did mother share it to them?
No one knows

The next bread; Here it is.
We would not have our siblings suffer,
Our siblings; our gold
Our treasures; our glory

Mother blossoms, but the boys not yet a change
Big sister is worried, bread she brings every twelve moons
“Each time you visit improvement runs out of the house,
I sent him on an errand, an errand into a chasm” mother insists

Big sister cups-up eye liquids,
Has she wasted some bread yet again?
Her friends are discouraged
Twelve of twelve-moons yet not a change

“Give me my boys” big sister has cried
Boys of my pride, boys with some strength
Yes the starving boys, though with strength in their souls.
Feed them I shall, in three and one days.

Mine is a buffet with a table of strength,
A cup of capacity and a knife of leadership
Two spoons of hope and a fork of exposure
Feed them I shall but myself in this moon.

Big sister is happy; she is taking them to the market,
She is changing their torn pants and buying them new shoes,
The boys too are happy, a first taste of this kind.
Big sister is not here alone, her friends are her backbone.

Some boys are laughing, some are crying
Big sister has come,
But come for four nights
And back she shall go.

“Take home your new clothes
Then in warmth thou shall be,
Give some to a friend, and some to your neighbour,
Extend this love and look not to pay”.

Big sister has spoken, and back she has gone.
The neigbourhood has gained word,
And more children are smiling,
They watch in the moon light for when shall she come.

Little works of golden hearts under the umbrella of NHEF,
Small they may seem, but in them resides great power.
From them a new dawn shall come, a new wave in Nigeria.

In one voice we say thank you for the NHEF Scholars Program Initiative. (Big sister)

More so, thank you to the Nigeria Higher Education Foundation (NHEF).

Verse Hough
On behalf of NHEF Scholars (Class of 2019)


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